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WiFi Enabled Devices

Here you will find the very latest in WiFi enabled devices. These devices allow you to send your dictations directly via a WiFi connection so that you can now work from anywhere in world! - Be free from your PC.

The Philips SpeechAir has been dubbed as the 'Rolls Royce of dictation' by the Daily Mail - and for good reason; this android powered device offers superior audio quality, antimicrobial housing for dictation in medical environments, the latest version of the Philips Voice Recorder App and a great deal more...

Thanks to the Philips SpeechAir's android operating system, not only can you install your own apps to take care of other tasks throughout the day such as emails and other communications - we now offer remote support for this device!

Using our screen sharing software (installed on each device before delivery) we can now help you set up and configure your Philips SpeechAir just the way you need it. A WiFi enabled smart dictation device that can be supported remotely? Now that truly is the future of Voice Technology...

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