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Upgrade your Philips Dictation Solution for Full Windows 10 Support

If you are using older versions (8.6 and earlier) of Philips SpeechExec, you will need to upgrade to SpeechExec Version 10 for full Windows 10 support, data security and GDPR compliance. 

Upgrade today with Speak-IT Solutions/ There are a few options available that will future-proof your dictation system and truly provide your users with the very latest in cutting-edge voice technology. 


Option 1 - Simple upgrade

Just the desktop software - Upgrade to the latest version of SpeechExec (Version 10) here.

Upgrade to Philips SpeechExec Version 10 for Windows 10 Support with

Option 2 - Go to the cloud

Subscribe to Philips SpeechLive and have all of your dictations stored in the cloud. Use your smartphone or a dedicated dictation device to create, edit and send dictations. Transcribe via web-based software from anywhere. Click here to take a FREE trial

Take a FREE 30 day trial of Philips SpeechLive with


Option 3 - Best of both worlds

When you sign up to SpeechLive for 24 months you will receive a FREE license of SpeechExec Pro V10 software for your desktop. SpeechExec and SpeechLive work together seamlessly to provide all of the benefits of a cloud based solution with the full functionality of the SpeechExec desktop software. Take a free trial of SpeechLive or call now on 0121 456 7800 to upgrade today! (OFFER EXPIRES 3RD FEB 2020)

Purchase 24 month SpeechLive Subscription and receive a free of charge license for Philips SpeechExec version 10 from