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COVID-19: how can Speak-IT assist you?
COVID-19: how can Speak-IT assist you?

Philips SpeechLive

Access your files from anywhere via web-based software. Never lose a dictation again - SpeechLive stores your files securely via cloud-based servers.

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The #1 Cloud-based Dictation Service


Use your smartphone or a dedicated dictation device to create, edit, send and manage dictations


Upload your dictations securely via the Philips SpeechLive cloud-based dictation service


Have your dictations transcribed via your personal assistant, the SpeechLive Speech Recognition or Transcription Service

Philips Voice Recorder App

Work from anywhere at anytime using just your smartphone or dedicated dictation device. SpeechLive works alongside the Philips Voice Recorder app, allowing you to create, edit, send and manage your recordings remotely. Never lose a dictation again - SpeechLive securely stores all of your files in the cloud!

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Compatible with Philips Hardware

Philips SpeechLive allows you to use your Philips dictation & transcription equipment to create & transcribe recordings. The service is entirely cloud-based and requires minimal on-site software installed. Take your workflow to the next level with this extremely flexible, mobile voice technology solution.

Maximum Data Protection

Files sent via SpeechLive are encrypted in real-time with the highest encryption standard possible. The SpeechLive solution is completely GDPR compliant and requires no on-site installation. 

Web Based Software

Access your files from anywhere in the world with Philips SpeechLive browser-based software. Your dictations are securely stored on cloud-based servers with the highest standard of file encryption. Use the built in transcription player to control playback of recordings and record directly into the web based software using the SpeechLive web recorder...

Why Use SpeechLive?

Encrypted communication end-to-end
Record, edit & send from a smartphone app
Never lose a file again
Access your recordings from anywhere
Minimal on-site installation required
Transcribe, record and manage on your browser
On-hand support from Speak-IT Solutions

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Learn how industry leaders accross the board are utilising the #1 cloud-based dictation service to increase documentation accuracy, enable agile working and promote employee wellness.

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SpeechLive Quick Start Guide

1. Download the Philips Voice Recorder App

Go to the Google Play store or Apple App store and download the Philips Voice Recorder App. 

2. Open the App and Log In to SpeechLive 

Android Users

On the main screen, tap 'Settings'

Click 'Sending Options'

Select SpeechLive

Enter your login details

iPhone Users

Tap the 'Menu' icon

Click 'Settings'

Select SpeechLive

Select SpeechLive and enter your details when prompted

3. Send a File

Create and edit your recordings using the touch screen controls in the Philips Voice Recorder App. When finished, simply hit the 'Share' icon to send the file securely to a typist. 

1. Log in to SpeechLive Online

Go to, select 'Login' and enter your email address and password. 

2. Transcribe Recordings

Once logged in, you will see a list of recordings ready to be transcribed. Highlight the file you wish to play back and click 'Play back dictation/Open Transcription Player' to start the transcription player. Open your preferred word processing application to type into. 

Using a Philips ACC2310/ACC2320/ACC2330 foot control, you can play/pause/rewind and fast forward the recording. Click here for more information on configuring a foot control in SpeechLive. 

3. Transcription Finished

When you have finished transcribing the recording, you can mark the transcription as finished. SpeechLive will provide you with the option to attach a file to the transcription.

If you wish to send the completed text document back to the author, this is where you are able attach the appropriate file. Once you have attached the file, click OK and the Transcription will be marked as 'Finished'. 

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