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File/Edit - What you need to know...

What is File and Edit?

Machines with File and Edit capabilities, known as Professional Voice Recorders, will allow you to record a file and then rewind back to a particular point in the recording to either: 

INSERT - Add audio at a particular point without deleting any previous audio that has been recorded.

(e.g adding the date to the beginning of a report without affecting any previous recording).


Add audio at a particular point thus deleting any audio that was recorded previously.

(e.g deleting a particular word or phrase by recording a new one, for use with making corrections.) 

File and Edit capabilities are a must have for any professional when recording letters, reports or taking notes in a professional environment. 

Recorders without File and Edit

A machine without File & Edit capabilities is known as a note-taker.

These machines are ideal for recording blocks of audio such as meetings and interviews and even lectures. 

However, be careful as once you record a file you cannot re-enter and edit any of the audio. 

You can only pause a recording but every time you stop recording you will begin a new file. This means that you cannot rewind and overwrite an error.