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SpeechAir 2 | New for 2020
SpeechAir 2 | New for 2020

Philips LFH381 Portable Voice Recorder (Refurbished)

by Philips

£143.99 incl. VAT


The Philips LFH381 Pocket Memo is a very popular entry-level handheld recorder with many features. Featuring the simple to use 4 position slide switch, the LFH381 can be operated one-handed, allowing users to create and edit dictations. Voice activation allows users to operate the device hands-free. 

This is a refurbished product.

Key Features
  • Single-handed dictation control with four-position switch
  • Gauge fast-forward and rewind position of tape with audible scan
  • Delete recordings with fast erase
  • Comfortable, ergonomic design
  • Avoid unintentional operation with transport lock
  • Stay abreast of recording status with visual indicator and low battery light
  • Save valuable dictations with record protection
What's in the Box

Philips LFH381 Portable Voice Recorder