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Productivity Package (Site Support)


£418.80 incl. VAT


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The Productivity Package is designed to maximize your productivity and ensure a strong return on your investment. This full-service solution provides the highest levels of assistance, training, optimization, and technical support


Installation & Configuration

We perform a brief discovery of your computing environment, consult with you on your implementation goals, and deploy a configured solution to your workstation. After installation and setup, we customise your speech software and hardware to your specifications, and create any supported workflows you need to share and/or backup your dictations.


Proper training is one of the most important services an organisation can invest in. Not only does it boost your adoption rates, but it also enables you to effectively and efficiently use your new solution.

With the Productivity Package, we provide you with a thorough understanding of the basics, ensuring that you’ll be able to understand and efficiently use the solution’s most common functions. We also introduce intermediate concepts, touching on some of the operations that are less common and/or more complex. Finally, we reinforce the topics already covered, to ensure that you are prepared to work independently with the solution.

Technical Support

If you get an error message, or your hardware/software stops working properly, you can contact us to troubleshoot and resolve the issue. You can use this part of the service as much as you need during the year.

Personalised Service

The Productivity Package includes (1) hour of personalised service, which can be subdivided into 15-minute increments or used all at once. It covers any software or hardware needs related to installation, configuration, workflow, or customisation.

PC Optimisation

We perform a multi-point set of adjustments on your workstation, designed to help the computer run faster, reduce system issues, and optimise any installed speech solutions. Then we provide you with a service report, including any recommendations we might have for improving performance.

Ready to Purchase

So you have decided on the best solution for your business and now you are looking to kick start the implementation of your new system! So, for more information on our support services, please call on 0121 456 7800. Already know what you want? Simply activate your support from the website by purchasing now. 

Key Features
  • Installation and configuration
  • Three personalized 1:1 training sessions
  • One year of technical product support
  • One hour of personalized service
  • PC optimization
  • Includes enterprise solutions