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Going from Green to Greener

Going from Green to Greener

Not only is your equipment meticulously designed and manufactured by the world's #1 in Professional Dictation to provide users the means to achieve great results, but you can rest assured that for the most part, measures have been taken to reduce the negative impact such goods have on the environment. 

And it's not just about the packaging...



Philips Green Products 

Green Products are defined as products that offer a significant environmental improvement in one or more green focal areas: energy, packaging, substances, weight & materials, circularity, and lifetime. Philips continuously improve upon these factors through firmware optimization and using energy-efficient components. Philips' green product sales now represents more than 60% of total product sales.

Speak-IT has helped to reduce businesses' and organisations' carbon footprint by enabling their users to submit work from any location using systems such as Philips SpeechLive - with no physical tapes to deliver or paperwork to complete, users can cut out unnecessary journeys to and from the office. 

Is it time to start considering how your workflow may be impacting more than just your productivity? Give us a call today on 0121 456 7800 to learn about the flexible documentation solutions we have to offer!

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