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Introducing the all-new Philips DVT2805 VoiceTracer Speech Recognition Software

Introducing the all-new Philips DVT2805 VoiceTracer Speech Recognition Software

Getting started with Speech Recognition could not be simpler; the brand-new Philips DVT2805 VoiceTracer Speech Recognition software is designed for use with all Philips DVT VoiceTracers to automatically transcribe recorded audio to text. Simply record your notes or memos using your VoiceTracer device and let the software do the typing. 

No longer are users required to pay the professional price tag for basic speech recognition functionality. The entry-level pricing of the DVT2805 software allows first-time speech recognition users to take a substantial first step into the world of voice technology, providing an insight into the functionality made possible by other professional speech recognition solutions

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That's certainly not to say that this new VoiceTracer software won't impress; with simplicity and ease of use in mind, users can benefit from a range of intuitive features and functionality when it comes to document creation on an entry-level budget:

  • Eliminate the need to type up documents - using the Philips DVT2805 VoiceTracer software, users are able to put an end to tedious typing, with voice recordings automatically transcribed via speech recognition. 
  • 99% accuracy - the VideoTracer software is up to 99% accurate out of the box, becoming more accurate the more you use it through it's 'smart algorithm', which learns from any corrections you make to the transcribed text. The software is able to memorize patterns and commonly grouped words when you speak to predict which words are more likely to occur and where. 
  • 3x faster than typing - Using Philips DVT2805 VoiceTracer Speech Recognition software is at least three times quicker than manually typing up the document yourself. Simply connect your VoiceTracer recorder to the PC, click the 'Transcribe' button and let the software do the rest. 


Who can benefit from using VoiceTracer Speech Recognition Software?

If you regularly record your voice to make notes and to assist your reporting, document creation or learning - this software will prove extremely useful. Students, researchers, teachers and other academic professionals will find this software valuable due to its incredible accuracy and reliability. Users will be able to save time otherwise spent on transcribing audio - with an almost instantly available text file to refer back to. 

The DVT2805 software is compatible with all Philips DVT (VoiceTracer) devices - so if you are already a keen VoiceTracer note-taker, you may wish to take your voice recording to the next level with this extremely competitively priced piece of software.


Compatible devices: 

DVT1110, DVT1150, DVT1200, DVT1250, DVT2000, DVT2050, DVT2110, DVT2510, DVT2710, DVT2810, DVT4010, DVT4110, DVT6010, DVT6110, DVT6510, DVT7110, DVT8010, DVT8110.

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