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Philips DVT7110 VoiceTracer | Best-in-class Recording Quality for the Instagram & Vlogging Generation

Philips DVT7110 VoiceTracer | Best-in-class Recording Quality for the Instagram & Vlogging Generation

Time and time again it has been proven that a dedicated recording device has many advantages over recording with a smartphone, which has limited battery life and inferior microphone capabilities. Smartphones are also required to handle other functions such as incoming calls, which may interrupt recording. 

On the other hand, smartphones allow for the immediate sharing of content. That's where the all-new Philips VoiceTracers come in to offer the best of both worlds. The new Philips VoiceTracers come with an app that not only allows remote of their recorder but also allows the user to share recordings in an instant. Users are able to stop and start recording from a distance and transfer their recordings straight to their smartphone via WiFi or mobile hotspot. 

Perfect Audio for Videos and Vlogs

The new range of Philips VoiceTracers come with advanced microphones which enable users to achieve best-in-class recording quality. Each device has a powerful battery which lasts up to 36 recording hours and is engineered to perfectly suit the user's individual needs, whether they are recording notes, interviews, lectures, meetings, music or videos. Smart recording functions and selectable scenes make it even easier to achieve outstanding audio results.

In addition, the new Philips VoiceTracer DVT7110 for videos enables content creators to use the audio recorder as an external microphone to create crisp sound for their footage. Users can attach the DVT7110 VoiceTracer directly to their camera using the included hot shoe mount. The DVT7110 windscreen also allows users to capture high-quality audio outdoors with minimal unwanted noise. 

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