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Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition V4.2

Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition V4.2

Download Dragon Medical Practise Edition V4.2 Software Update Here

What's new in Dragon Medical Practise Edition (DMPE) V4.2

DMPE 4.2 is a full release for customers that use Dragon Medical Practise Edition 2.x, 3.x and 4.x. This release is for US English, UK English, French and German.

Providers can now use DMPE to create and dictate into Microsoft Word documents in Vitomed.

The Dragon add-in allows users to create and dictate letters in Microsoft Word for SystmOne. 

The online help now includes instructions for using the import and export profiles features to back up and restore user profiles. 

The DMPE splash screen now includes the full version and build numbers for the Dragon product. For example 'Version 4.2, Build 15.40.350.062'.

You can now use dictation and voice commands with Text Control (TX) edit controls in Medatixx Praxissoftware. 

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